Sony straps on Internet-linked wristwatch


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shocking, Mega company Sony is now focused on such mini-business.

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Cool concept, but uhhhh doesn't this seem a little useless. Why wouldn't someone just pull their phone at to check the time? Accessing information on your smart phone through the watch is also a bit redundant. Why not just use the actual thing itself that's in your pocket? ..... :/

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Sony is trying to recover some of its territory lost to more innovative companies. I liked the watch, but it indeed seems useless. More useful would be a mp3 player, but Apple has already done that with the iPod. Anyway, a good sign that Sony is not dead, it's only awakening from a coma.

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Upgrade to a smart wristband, the entire band housing monitor, keyboard, mic, speaker...

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Wonder if Casio already has something this? This could be encroaching on their product line.

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Sigh... Sony.

Where did it all go awry?

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Much more advanced already available. Not double the price.

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no thanks..we are connected online enough. time to decompress from technology and the internet.

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Apple I-pod Nano users have already been doing this for years. I have. Sony is too slow on the draw. This isn't going to be very popular. Like the Titanic, you can deny it all you want, but the company is going down.

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Did they just copied this from Samsung watch phones?

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Apple I-pod Nano users have already been doing this for years. I have.

Not quite the same. That's just a bluetooth adapter in the shape of a watch and doesn't have the functionality that this does.

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@LfrAgain Where did it all go awry?

Probably the moment that they started looking at consumers as nothing but money bags. I think perhaps the "Sony Rootkit", malware that was installed on consumers PC on purpose was indicative of them already having gone too far. It started much earlier. But not sure when.

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Wow! What a great concept! They should sell at least 30 of these worldwide! Yesterday they stated they were canning 10,000 jobs. It will be another 10,000 when this fails!

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I hate small screens.

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Smart watch? It is an ipod nano clone.

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only a mega geek would wear something like that...

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is this the only OEM product of "I'm watch"?

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Shouldn't watches be obsolete by now? I haven't had one since I got my first cell phone.

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But does it tell the time? I'll stick with my Seiko, thanks. I always know where it is and it has great lume in the dark. However, my phone is... did I leave it in the car again? In my desk at work? Or maybe it's in the other room. No, wait... can somebody call my phone so I can find it? Thanks.

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-Excuse me sir, can you tell me what time it is?

-No, sorry. My watch just ran out of power, I forgot to charge it this morning.

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My iPhone can do this. Major MEH, Sony?

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I can't imagine too many people wanting to view their Facebook or Twitter pages on a 3.3 centimeter screen.

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This isn't really new, they had an earlier version named LiveView under the Sony Ericsson brand. The battery didn't last a day, and the wristband was so weak one day it popped off and I lost it forever.

Fun gimmick though, good in the winter months if you don't want to take off your gloves to see if that email that just came in was spam or not.

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what a brilliantly stupid idea , way to go , Sony.

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Who wears watches any more? I don't see cell phone wrist watches selling well. Smartphones are replacing game consoles, PCs to some extent, alarm clocks and watches. Besides it's not even new.

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Sony will lose again because like others have said "They are too reactionary." Just too slow on the draw these days especially when other companies have a big headstart.

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great.. another device that tells everybody exactly where you are...

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