Sony to announce launch of new PlayStation


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And the rumour mill continues. For all they know, Sony will do nothing more than release a Playstation Tablet, instead of a Playstation certified Xperia Tablet. Maybe a Playstation certified Smartphone.

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What's with all these "social" functions? Who in their right mind uses Facebook or Twitter these days?

I look forward to the day (if?) Playstation goes back to being a great console for for games but I guess those days are gone...

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There was a rumor going around yesterday that Microsoft's next-generation Xbox would prevent used games from being played. If Microsoft really does this, they can forget about doing business in Japan, where used game shops are everywhere and, because rental of games is not allowed, lots of people buy games and then sell them off after finding them not to their liking.

In such a situation, Sony need only reassure potential customers that their rights to buy, sell, and trade game discs will never be infringed, and they'll have the upper hand over the new Xbox from the very beginning.

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That rumor was for the PS4 too:

Anyways, pro tip:

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Pro tip

Gamefly goes out of business.

This isn't anything new. Pretty much every single PC game gets registered to some type of account and the sale isn't possible without selling the whole acct. That or it lacks online features without spending more money to get the online features back (Bioware does this).

Games on consoles doing that...not really surprised.

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Thinking back to the earliest E3 conventions, Sony had a tag line that said it all: It's The Games.

That's still true today. $430 for the basic system? Add in a few accessories and you pass $500 in the blink of an eye. For that kind of money the games better be great, and then in lies the rub. Sony is still looking for that "must have" killer game that drives hardware sales.

PS3 has several games I like, but not the must-have killer game. At least, not that I found. Perhaps that game is waiting for the PS4.

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Sony should ditch their music application on the PS3 and make it compatible with Apple's iTunes.

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here in the US the announcement has already been pushed off as a failing gesture as the current rumored PS4 is considered weaker than the next xbox and won't accept PS3 games or used PS4 games.

i wonder if the announcement will be the long awaited price cut for the vita and ps3, and an announcment regarding the ps4 but not the one of a launch this year.

you would expect some of these companies to release these games later with the new console if it was coming out in the fall (last of us etc)

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Sony has lost it's direction by being clueless.

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Make a PS4 open to modifications, such as being able to multi-boot into different OS, such as Android, Linux, which would make it worth buying without purchasing any games. Include a built in ethernet+wifi router and huge internal storage to be used as a media server.

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