Sony to release PlayStation Vita in Japan in December


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Looks like apple just in black

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Looks more like a upgraded PSP. Not a bad thing, but for sure, it is more well received then the beta product they call the 3DS.

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PS Vita? More like PS DOA. Who's going to spend 30,000 for a 3G-connected handheld when your average smartphone keeps getting more and more powerful?

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Still looks like the best hand held out there.

I have a DS and cannot get through a game before putting it down. My daughter likes the DS and the selection of kid-friendly games. The Vita appears too sophisticated for her and probably not enough games at this point for a five year old.

I would happily replace the DS with the Vita, but I just don't have enough time for mobile gaming.

Is is backward compatible? If so, that would be a huge plus. I would like to play some of the PSP socom series and maybe the god of war stuff...., but not interested in a PSP.

Also, is it region locked? I would hate to be limited to a Japanese online store. Or is it like the PS3, where you can have an account for the US and download games from there.

Will we have access to Netflix (if in US) and Hulu in Japan. I use my SonyErricson Xperia for movies, but having a larger screen with the Vita would be cool if I could do the same things with it.

Still a lot of questions, but it looks pretty strong.

Oh, the difference between a SonEricson Playstation phone and the Vita is a no brainer. I wouldn't want to play a Playstation game on a phone. In addition, I don't play games on my current phone, so for me there isn't any real competition between the platforms.

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I'm still gonna get this unit when there is already a games, I'm also gamer and a game lover

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PSP Vita is Region Free unlike Nintendo 3DS is Region Lock. The heck is that I have to buy a Japanese Nintendo 3DS and a North America Nintendo 3DS, that way to expensive.

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I know I'll buy it, love the PSP, and they already announced games I'm interested in. But will probably wait until the first wave of price drop. Not sure about the 3G thing though, Wi-Fi is enough.

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Will people who hang outside yodobashi camera gaming each other be able to be referred to as Vita民?

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If these games were passed out like blankets, etc..on long haul flights! The last time I flew back to North America about half of the passengers had their own games like PSP etc..they were having a grand time, me, like a looser was sitting there watching the others have a good time! That really sucked big time, so now I got a PSP not this Vita but a nice PSP and if it can help keep my kids busy for say 13 hours or more in the airplane, THANK YOU SONY!!!!! and when my kids tire out and finally fall asleep in the plane, well then daddy can then play or watch movies etc.with the PSP right??

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