Sony unveils pocket-size VAIO laptop

By Taro Fujimoto

Sony Corp on Thursday unveiled a pocket-size laptop computer in Tokyo. The VAIO type P is a 634-gram (width:245mm, depth:120mm, thickness:19.8mm) computer for the Japanese market. The corporate model was released today, while the consumer model will be released on Jan 16. The expected price for the consumer model is 100,000 yen.

“VAIO type P is not a netbook,” said Ryosuke Akahane, director of the VAIO series. “We plan to create a new niche and achieve 100% market share.”

Netbooks, or mini laptop computers, whose average price is 50,000 yen, currently account for about 20% of the personal computer market in Japan where Taiwanese makers have successfully made inroads. Japanese makers, such as Toshiba and NEC, have already released netbook products in the competitive market.

“We will release type P in 33 countries in North America and Europe as well as Russia and China, in collaboration with regional telecommunication services,” added Akahane.

Type P for the Japanese market is equipped with NTT DoCoMo's high speed Internet connection service module with which users can access the Internet at 7.2Mbps download speed. Akahane expects type P to be carried by users just like a mobile phone with broadband connection in multiple formats.

The consumer model of type P (VGN-P80H/W, VGN-P70H/R, G, W) features 8-inch ultra-wide monitor (1600x768 resolution), Intel Atom Z520 CPU as well as 60G byte hard disk and on-board 2G RAM. The operation system is Windows Vista Home Basic. It is also equipped with IEEE802.11b/g/n, NTT DoCoMo's FOMA High Speed WAN connection,and Bluetooth. GPS function is available on VGN-P80H/W and corporate models. The normal battery lasts 4.5 hours.

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pocket-size VAIO laptop

How can something that is purportedly "pocket-size" also be a "laptop"? Its cute, but oxymoronic.

Type P? "Pokecom" would be better. OK $ony, dont steal, just send me a check!

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“We plan to create a new niche and achieve 100% market share.”

great way to get 100% market share

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If Sony says the battery lasts 4.5 hours, that means it actually lasts 2.5 hours. I'm a brilliant translator of Sonese.

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Sony has had way too many problems with their batteries catching on fire etc...these idiots at Sony caused many problems for poor DELL, when the whole world saw those horrible pictures of Dell pcs catching on fire, but actually the problem were the SONY batteries that made these fires. I sure don't want a Sony Vaio catching fire in my pocket!

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Eee Pc is still the one to beat.

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I just bought an Acer Aspire One with a 9" screen, 1.6Ghz Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard disc drive and a 6 cell 6 hour battery, which lasts a good 5 hours just word processing and net surfing and about three hours watching movies and playing games. It cost me just under 70,000 with XP Pro (Eng). I have a couple of Macs, but the Acer is my only Windoze computer. It's a great little machine. It gets hot and the fans are a tad noisy when I'm playing Halo, but what can one expect from a tiny machine working at max. The Sony one does have Firewire and Bluetooth on board, but it only has a small hard drive. Sony has been hit hard with the battery problems and they are getting a similar reputation to Mitsubishi cars. I wouldn't buy one.

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In the future I can see Sony becoming a generic verb/noun, like the Brit Eng verb 'To hoover'

Future English test.

Don't be a sony.

Don't sony this opportunity up.

He sonied the plan.

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The Web site shows a 128GB SSD -- how was Sony able to bring the SSD to 128GB when Asus and everyone else are still only offering, at most, 16GB?

Using an SSD of course is a great advantage with such a small form-factor--it should boost battery life and lessen the time required to boot up.

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with Windows 7 around the corner, i would hold back on any major PC purchase...

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I am going to get one of these as soon as Sony's tech support answers a few questions I had about it. This is awesome! This will become my new "on the go" laptop/notebook. It fits in my pocket! It's great!

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No doubt that Sony is the most creative company in its category. But compare to Asus they got pricing disadvantage.

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