Sony Vita will debut in U.S. with film-music services


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Gross..AT&T. Wi-Fi Only for me...I refuse to be tied down to that nincompoop of a conglomerate. Worst service EVER!

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Fail fail fail... when you call your product Vita which is 1 letter off Vista which totally bombed your doomed... the marketing department that came up with the name should be sued.

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Meh ... I hope Sony sets up better security for their servers and user accounts.

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Another money losing venture by SONY.

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I can't understand why sony and nintendo are trying to hold on to the game hardware market. I went to toyzrus and saw the same tired titles and hardware from nintendo over 2 years. I can't even believe that toyzrus keeps giving them prime space. If I was nintendo I would say shift to leveraging and maximizing your games on ANY machine. Unfortunately I think it is only a matter of time before these companies go under or have to restructure.

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The PS Vita has a lot more interesting game titles for the Vita(many PS3 ports). Both got way more irons in the fire than the handheld market and thus make way more without those.

Having tried the 3DS and the Vita I do prefer the Vita, much tighter package and no 3D, better game library. Even with the reduced price the 3DS is cheap and breakage's are common(not covered). At my sons school they had to ditch 6 out of 10.

As for carrier choice, Docomo wouldn't be mine either. Hence why most use the WIFI models.

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Well, I certainly see Nintendo on a downward spiral. I really liked there products over the years to play with my kids, but nothing new is coming out and the old games are still 5-7000 yen per title which is high considering what you can play online for free.

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I agree most local kids are tired of super mario, etc and have moved on. Monster Hunter 3rd/G only extends the original game a bit further but the PS3 Port makes it look soo much better on a 32Inch TV. See it.

Ditto for the kinect system much of the world don't have the living room space to use it to the max, ditto for the PS3 Move system.

Nice ideas but don't translate to realistic terms. Said the PS3 can do 3D games(BD) out of the box, etc and with the local Torne system is the cheapest 3D/DVR recording system around.

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I tried the Nintendo DS with 3D and considered buying it as a xmas gift for the son, but hurt the eyes after 10 seconds and he didn't even want it. He likes the sony handheld though and very good graphics. Mario better get his arse together or he is gonna be bankrupt. I also am very unhappy that my WII does not play the older games I bought such as pikman. I would assume as a consumer that a new hardware model would play the old software.

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Reckless try "Uncharted", etc.

Got the PS3 versions.

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With its low sales in Japan (74k 2nd week and 43k 3rd week), a lot of people are expecting a price cut, just like with the 3DS. At ~ $190 I might get one.

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