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Sony wins opening skirmish in new-gen console war


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Xbox ONE, always on, always online, always monitoring your activities, (and with Kinect) always monitoring your actions. Lol Given Microsoft's position in the online space, you can bet all that data is being piped right into PRISM servers. And in typical fashion, Japan dodges it all by going the low tech 'oh solly, we no sophisticate like you' route...

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Until the walked back some of the claims they had made a few hours later. This is why I only play PC games. These console wars are stupid.

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Competition is good. They both look like very nice systems.

XB360 was jailbroken (or whatever the term is) very early. So, MS is trying to battle that problem (while pilfering your cash at the same time), but it punishes honest players.

Still, publishers are already charging for multiplayer access on XB360 and PS3 if you are not the original owner. They will still do so on the new systems.

MS will need to make some serious concessions and their PR department will be working overtime. The XB360 had the red ring of death on its launch and now they need to contend with this issue when the new system seems pretty nice compared to the XB360. This problem also comes at a bad time when everyone is nervous about PRISM, NSA, and privacy.

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Console wars are only for little children who can't buy what they want or for chest thumping nationalists.

However, in this case, you have to be an idiot to not notice how garbage Microsoft's vision of gaming is. Sony already won the battle even before the battle began (consoles begin sale on market).

The "Always Online" bs is gonna be a dealbreaker for alot of people. I can live without my Halo, Gears of War and Forza. Sony has a copy version of it which is just fine by me. (Resistance, Socom (hmm... not really) and Gran Turismo).

The only company that will make me buy a console for a game is probably going to be Nintendo.

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If I buy a new console it will be the PS4.

Not interested in the Xbox and the Nintendo U don't seem to well. I like a good game library when a new console comes out and not rehashes/new versions aka Nintendo, etc.

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The idea that microsoft's camera can watch your room at all times and monitor who is watching movies with you in case you have too many for the limited license in place to watch the movie is just darned creepy.

The motions of making the players personal info a profit source, and giving the gamer nothing more than time for the money we pay is just silly.

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Sony wins opening skirmish in new-gen console war

And it was a joy to watch. Microsoft deserves every bit of poor fortune to come their way from the abysmally ill-concieived direction (read: greed) they decided to take with their new system.

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Billybob hears a knock on the door. "yes"...."this is the police. We have a warrant for your arrest"...."arrest!!!!, for what?"....."for master-bating in public"...."but I wasn't"..." we have video, see"..."but I'm on my couch!, how did you get that"..."from your Xbox....."but that's not in public"..."it is now! Bwahahaha"

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I predict Microsoft make postpone the release of the XBox One and attempt to change some of the ridiculous stuff they've announced. Surely the amount of negative press (and hilarious gifs) aimed at them will wake them up...right? The PS4 absolutely wipes the floor with their new piece of garbage surveillance equipment.

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if in fact the camera will/can be used to scan the room to see how many people are watching a movie, that is totally ridiculous. If they start dictating to me how many people I can invite over to watch a particular movie, I certainly won't be a customer of them.

Or can I just put a piece of tape over the lens?

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Also, Sony is region free,

However, "certain software makers' game titles may be region locked." - http://www.joystiq.com/2013/06/11/yoshida-ps4-is-region-free/

But seriously, I applaud any game manufacturer who would move to make playing games from a foreign region less of a pain in the neck (or wallet).

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Plenty of 360 games are region free. No, i am not a fan. I find all this modern gaming a bit crap. Wish they were. Gaming consoles and not entertainment systems. Most games are big budget dumbed down shite anyway so i stick to retro and Japan is the best place to find that.

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I have always preferred the psx over the xbox, except for nintendo which is still best for playing with kids.

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bfg4987 has a point about the region free business. While I can play any disc, I can't download any games from any region other than Japan. The only way I could accomplish this is to open up an account in the region that I want to buy from but it's a complete pain and they won't accept foreign credit cards. That said, I can still buy games from the US.

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Is there any other industry in the world besides the software industry that feels you shouldn't be allowed to own/sell their product after you purchase it? I have no idea why they think they are special. Imagine if the music or movie industry did that with their discs.

If you want to strip away what I'm able to do with things I buy then at least sell them for a cheaper price since I'm obviously just renting them.

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@falseflagsteve that's the Xbox360, not the "One", the "One" is locked to the region for your console, so if you lived in Australia, but wanted to play some games that are only released in the USA or Europe for the Xbox One, you would need to buy another Xbox One from those regions in order to play the game, which means you would also need separate Xbox Live accounts as no doubt, Xbox Live will pick up on your region. Then again, the Online Authenticating process might still say you can't play these other region's games because your Xbox's IP address is not in those regions. Also, I doubt they'd let you work in a proxy navigator on the xbox in order to fool it into thinking that you are in those regions...

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Good Job Sony, and boos to Nintendo, I have old Nintendo Wii just bought shortly before release of Wii U and now it is a scrap because new games cannot be played until one buy Wii U......thugs

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