South Korea to boost R&D spending to reduce dependence on Japan


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Thanks to Abe !

South Korean have never realized how much they addicted to Japanese stuff in manufacturing business. Due to unwise export curbing by Abe administration, they have woken up. They will find ways to be independent from Japan in industry. Thanks Abe. you are the man... LOL

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Good decision for Korea.

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How will they do it though?

Japan owns most of the original patents of those original 100 key materials. Unless they try to bribe the brains behind the Japanese companies operations or go full China(copy and paste without permission) and get caught.

It’s about to be an uphill battle for the Koreans. 7 years R&D won’t be enough when your enemy is at least 100 years ahead.

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Maybe if they put those resources to compensating their people, it would cost a whole lot less and end decades of animosity and distrust between the two countries. Instead they are going to spend a few billion to cover three products that are in the few hundreds of thousands over less than 200 million in compensation. This isn't even a tariff by the way. Yup makes sense to me! This doesn't even address where technology will be 6-10 years from now when they get everything up to speed. But good luck, don't let the door close on your way out of the modern world and into the rule of the Kims...

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