Space invaders: How video gamers are resisting a crypto onslaught

By Joseph BOYLE

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This news & how gaming is changing w/crypto & monetizing in-game achievements isn't a surprise after the EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box fiasco.

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Blockchain (or something simpler) may be used to create a multi-game player identity. It doesn't have to have a financial element. Alongside that, there will always be a market for anything with opportunities to obtain cash.

Digital evolution is interesting to watch. Don't assume that things always get better or worse. Look at versions of Windows over time - many were appalling duds, but some were genuinely very good.

Tech changes. Buy and use what you like. Walk away from what you don't. Don't be scared of the future.

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The reaction of the gaming community against crypto features and NFTs has been a very positive surprise. For a population that has readily accepted many other negative development as microtransactions this speaks a lot about the huge negative ways the technology has been trying to be introduced into games.

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