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SpaceX calls off 1st launch attempt of giant rocket in Texas


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Safety first, as cosmos can wait, it's not going anywhere!

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ClayToday  08:57 am JST

Safety first, as cosmos can wait, it's not going anywhere!

Remember the last Challenger launch in 1986. Conditions will improve and then they can do the launch.

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Good....its a big waste of time and money. Surely there are better and more important things to be doing ....right here on Earth !

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I have a feeling 4/20 was always the plan.

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This is the start of humanity's future as we look to reach out beyond our planet of origin. The Apollo programme was ultimately a dead-end once its political motivations had been satisfied. Space X provides the fresh start that was needed to bring imagination and objectives unshackled from the narrowly strategic perspective of nation states. I feel immensely fortunate that there are still people with enough vision, courage, and adventurousness to push us forward to new frontiers.

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A lot depends on this launch, in some ways more than the usual investment of time, money and effort. It was disappointing that this attempt was cancelled but even less important details could have caused the same outcome. Best luck for the next time.

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