SpaceX capsule heads to space station carrying NASA crew, Japanese and Russian

By Joe Skipper and Steve Gorman

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a demonstration of U.S.-Russian teamwork in space 

Scientists just want to get on with it and leave politics aside.

NASA is leaving low-Earth orbit activities to private companies so that it can concentrate on the Moon and deep space, a good division of resources.

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What has become of the Packet Amateur Radio communications that offered a direct link to the Astronauts in the past ?

I have made direct communication previously but not heard anything in a while 145.825MHz: FM

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The most advanced and cost-effective space capsules are in the States right now

(The capsule actually looks futuristic and comfortable, and even uses touch-screen!)

So of course even the Russians won't be opposed to it

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Wouldn't it be good if the nations and peoples of the world could cooperate in space exploration?

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To give Elon Musk Credit, he has done two things so far that have contributed towards the advancement of World/Human Technology ... Productionized the Electric Car, and Produced reusable Rocket parts. He's a smart guy, way smarter than me, and I am certainly in no position to criticize him here, for those achievements.

I wish, I could go into Space.. but will sadly never be able to afford to do so - even the one way trip to Mars has been cancelled.... :(

If Musk wants to beat NASA (& others) to the Moon, then, I'd jump at the chance and go Tomorrow .. with the "realistic" caveat, that my Life insurance policy be honored (Legally), and that I be paid a normal salary for the period travelling there and back. Forget the tests, etc. Let's just do it !

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