Spotify woos karaoke users with new lyrics feature


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That is great, but.... why on JT?

Are you just teasing us? Spotify is not available in Japan :(

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More than 50% of our readers reside outside Japan.

Apps like Shazam or SoundHound do it too

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The feature, launched by the startup on Thursday...

Spotify—which has over 15 million paying subscribers after launching in Sweden in 2008...

So they've been around for 7 years, and have more than 15 million paying customers. When are they no longer a "startup"?

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Spotify work fine here, just use a DNS or VPN service.

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love my spotify. definitely get way more than $10 a month in value out of it. wonder if Japan will ever have awesome streaming services like spotify or pandora..but there's always vpn

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