Investors in Tokyo welcome SoftBank's takeover of Sprint


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The director, who must be approved by U.S. authorities, would oversee national security matters and serve as a point of contact for U.S. agencies.

AKA the NSA and the ability to record and monitor everything.

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" the likes of ExxonMobil, JPMorgan and Apple." Good luck but be carefull what you wish for, what goes up comes down too..

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So will my Softbank cellphone service get any better?? Will I be able to use this SPRINT along with my Softbank Iphone etc..for no extra cost when I go back to the USA?? And maybe American folk coming out to Japan, be able to jump from Sprint to Softbank here in Japan??

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@Elbuda Mexicano

Unfortunately, the answer to all your questions is 'no.'

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