Suga instructs minister to achieve lower mobile phone fees


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The communications ministry's survey earlier in the year found that a monthly fee for heavy mobile data usage in Tokyo of 8,175 yen ($78) for 20 gigabytes 

Because of people will find faxes are reliable?

Japan's wireless communication market has been dominated by three major operators, NTT Docomo, KDDI Corp and SoftBank Corp.

Other necessary public needs in Japan beside communication also being dominated just by few companies.

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Tell that to Apple...

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Also, Locking SIM cards to a single vendor should be banned. You have to pay an extortionate fee for 3000 yen to unlock. Further having your own HOT-SPOT from your own phone requires that you pay the Carrier 300 yen per month... outrageous.

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This is going to take a lot of meetings, with a complicated pile of forms that cost tax payers as usual. To achieve something a child could achieve.

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Blatant rip-off. One reason why I resisted buying a smartphone until those sim-less ones came out. I don't make many phone calls. When I do, it's via an app for international calls - making a 'domestic' call ends up cheaper with this app. For others, I use video apps, providing the other person has it installed too. All I end up paying each month is about 1,700 yen, 500 of which is for the privilege of having a phone number. If I'm at home or at work, the phone switches to Wi-fi.

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Suga knows how to appeal to the masses.

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You can unlock now any smartphone with your computer and internet for free. if you let them do it yes they will charge you 3000 yen

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I'm paying a lot for using phones and tablets that, especially these days, are used almost entirely through wi-fi via apps. There should be considerably lower fees if you are using little to no data. Plans include ridiculous fees and costs, especially if you want to to cancel contracts or switch carriers. Hopefully Suga can shake things up in this uncompetitive business, but I wouldn't be too hopeful given the LDP's track record on swift bureaucratic change. I'll give Suga brownie points for trying, but I really wonder how the people below him, especially those with close ties and vested interests in the industry will follow through. When I read language like 'make effort' or 'aim', it doesn't, from my experience, necessarily mean anything concrete. Rather, it would be better to actually hear from him specifically what is going to change and when. To me, at this point, this is just a pre electioneering sound bite for public consumption.

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For hoping gaijin, fresh of the boat in Japan: I've seen similar titles at least for the past 10 years. So yeah, don't hold your breath. Suga simulates leadership, his ministers will simulate working.

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Tell that to Apple...

I'm curious, what has this got to do with Apple?

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Upon Trump’s inauguration SoftBank’s Son went to the newly elected US president & promised to invest US$ 50 billion. I wondered where he had the money. I had long left SoftBank. Total thievery for whose sake? Bankers? Investors? We’re working hard for someone to drive a Mercedes? No thanks.

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Stuck in america. $119/month for phone and 20gb. Beats everybody.

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And this is 26kbs where I live. Dialup speed for 100mbs speed. They say the speed varies based on tower locations, but if that's the case, then they know from my address that there are no tlwers and I should pay only like $10/mo for the inconvenience speed.

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Official rate in France for unlimited data : 20€ /month, that's 2500¥. All included. No hidden fees.

If need just 2 h call/month, that is 2€, 250 ¥.

Only 10 euros for the sim card (delivery included/number change included) no other fees.

Compare to fake/inflated prices.

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