Superfast 5G in the U.S. still a work in progress


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And nationwide coverage with 5G could add $1.5 trillion to GDP in the next five years.

Yeah, right.

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And nationwide coverage with 5G could add $1.5 trillion to GDP in the next five years

Now we know why Trump fought with China and blocked Huawei.

He is the one with true vision and patriotic heart to people of the USA.

He even blocked many other Chinese companies just before he leave the office.

He may be stupid to deal with Politicians but he is honest and a good fighter.

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"Like my glasses telling me 'Hey, that's Melissa,' we spoke three years ago at CES and she's from Boston.

Just like Tony Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S. Could be fun. Could be dangerous.

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I was looking at smart glasses today at Yodobashi camera. I tried talking to them. Not so smart at all.

Look geeky.

When they eventually put chips in any lens, then we will be somewhere.

So how is 5G in Japan? My new phone and iPad Air capable, but I only see a 5G on top. My wifi the same. It is a choice but does not work.

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