Super Mario Run: Price, connectivity missteps for Nintendo


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That's what greed will get you in the end. NOTHING! You can pay that price for a full Mario game for 3DS and play your heart's content. Who needs the same game on the phone?

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Ten dollars is too much for a latte and too much for a mobile game, even if it comes with truffle shavings in the case of the >>latte and the world’s best known video game character in the case of “Super Mario Run.”

I am sorry, this is stupidity and it all came with the 0.99 price tag APP introduce by Apple. Why does make mobile so special that anything must be free or cheap ? It does require the same amount of work and same commitment nowadays (if not even more because of the fragmentation of the maket) to make a good game on mobile then on another platform, if you are not willing to pay to get quality game then also do not complain when all the mobile market will be fully crippled with free junk, and freemium app pumping your money like a blackhole, oh wait, it is already like this.

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I guess the price tag is controversial, considering everyone releases for free nowadays and extorts people with freemium garbage. Having a set price may keep the brand above the muck underneath, but $10 is still fairly steep for a Mobile game. Connectivity-wise, they could add an offline mode fairly simply I assume

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Most games on iOS are either free or priced at 0.99c. Anything higher than $4.99 is seemed as being greedy to most casual iOS gamers.

I think Nintendo banked that it is "Mario", and the name itself will sell.

Whilst I understand that Nintendo's most iconic IP is on the appstore for "free" then later at a premium buy-in price, with none of that f2p fluff, the price is simply too high for what those on the platform usually pay. Always requiring an online connection also doesn't help for a purely single player game.

In an interview with Mashables, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about the always online, he simply stated that it was there to prevent piracy. The funny things is, there are so many hacks available for this game already. If feel that Nintendo is hurting themselves at this point.

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As well as a hefty initial download, users reported that the game requires more than 50MB of data for each hour of gaming. For those playing with mobile connections rather than Wi-Fi, the game can rapidly eat into data allowances.

"All I’ve done is play the tutorial and do the initial data download (and blindly purchase the game). Super Mario Run used 95MB of data"

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It's an ok game. I've been playing a bunch. I can't say it's not worth the 1200 yen - I've probably played about 7-8 hours of it, but it's definitely pricey for a mobile game, and the game itself is only so-so.

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