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Tablet sales losing steam, survey shows

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When the cell phone came onto the scene, I was the one of the first thousand people in this city to have the technology. Before that, I had a radio phone installed that used antiquated antennas placed atop a high rise building here to transmit etc. Then came all the different phones I purchased over the years. The Motorola 12 lb transportable, the bag phone, flip phones and so on. When one was available that could connect to the internet, it's then I realized the intent. Up to that point, designed obsolescence was understood but not so much an issue. Most stuff to that point would last and be viable for a time. And since processing speed basically doubles every 18 months, I realized, not only did I not care to be totally connected all the time but also not keep up with the latest and greatest. I vowed to not become an I-Phone zombie. My last phone was a Blackberry. For the the 2 years, (yes 2) I had it, it was mostly great. But it didn't take long to begin turning off push to the device. Hell, it was like someone tapping ME on the shoulder for attention, constantly! To add to the misery, my 85 yo Aunt just decided to get an I phone. THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL IN A RECYCLE BIN. (OR LANDFILL)

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