Tablets to overtake notebook PCs by 2016: study


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A lot can happen in 4 years, these guys also "stated" HD-DVD would win the format wars or that tablets (PDA) would disappear. Last i knew an iOS/Android tablet is simply a old fashion PDA with larger screen and a bit faster (but nowhere near as fast as they should be considering how much PCs have grown in the same time).

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Gosh, you should work in advertising. The way you talk about your iPad should make a person want to run to the nearest electronics store and pick one up. If I didn't have my own iPad, you were really getting me excited there for a moment. But you do make some great points. When I would travel to the states in the past, I would always take my laptop and for anyone that goes to the US a word of advice, Don't bring a laptop, they were so rough with it, it got a little damaged on the side and another time, they messed up my HD, by shaking it too much. But now with the iPad, I don't have to go through that, it's light, easy to carry, no moving parts and a lot less hassle than lugging a laptop. When I travel a week to 3 weeks, the iPad works just as fine, when I'm home, for bigger projects, I just get on my MacBook pro when the need arises.

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Yeah, you're a walking apple ad. Every time you said "iPad" the word "tablet" could just as easily have been used. Apple is way overrated. It's too expensive and too proprietary to make it worth my while. Same goes for their mp3 players. "You must upgrade to the latest version..." WHY? I just wanna put my music on the stupid thing! No thanks. I'll stick with products that don't make me feel like they own me, instead of the other way around.

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My assesement of the iPad is only based on my experience. I never mentioned another form of tablet because I don't have any experience of them, or if people want to use another tablet instead of the iPad, or another company instead of Apple, that's fine in my book. Buy and drive the car you can afford and like.

I don't think iPads are expensive, and when I buy a new macbook pro at the end of this month, it will be a 2011 refurnished model for ¥69,000. Is that expensive? Come this autumn, there probably be a 7" iPad for about $200.

I never said anyone should buy Apple anything, like I said, I just gave my experience. I also have a Wins 7 laptop which I need for some stuff I do. I like Wins 7, but not sure about Wins 8?

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Zichi is just stating the obvious: tablets are getting better and easier to handle. I have a MacBook (the classic white one, which will be an expensive memorabilia some point in the future - or so I hope), it works great. But I am feeling a little bit jurassic when I see people carrying iPads. I need to move on and buy one soon. And frankly: if you are having a good experience, a real good one, with a tablet, it's an iPad. I am yet to see someone describing a good experience with another tablet.

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