Taisei develops method to make concrete using carbon dioxide


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Sounds promising.

The BBC reports that cement is responsible for about 8% of CO2 emissions worldwide, so this technology could be very important.

Another idea I recently read about is to take CO2 laden stack emissions and pump them deep underground. Supposedly CO2 is a natural ingredient of many rocks, and it can be absorbed by rocks if exposed to each other. Of course, reducing emissions is also important, IMO, but putting them directly underground, instead of waiting for mother nature to do it for us, might help.

Was reading an article about the effects of high CO2 levels in the atmosphere millions of years ago. Apparently a large part of the Earth's surface was basically uninhabitable to large species such as ourselves. If such a thing is allowed to happen again, the disruption to our human societies would be immense. Are we all prepared to move to the Arctic regions? How many people could survive on a reduced part of the pie?

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Stockholders certainly think highly of this new technology!

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I've dreamt of this but was more geared to looking to carbonates (more obvious) as a possible brick material but, if this technology works out and is scalable to the concrete industry of today with the same or better longevity, Taisei's stockholders will be VERY pleased indeed. Keep an eye on this because what may appear a small story today could presage a major change in building techniques and become a much larger story as, perhaps, this spurs other creatives to try to subdue some of the other poisons our systems provide for us, in a similar way. Yeah, after only TWO MILLENNIA, we may get one up on the Romans in our construction materials!

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CO2 is not the main composition of rocks.

Actually, we might be able to build igloos with it if we visit the Martian poles...

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@1Glen: You are studying and going in the right direction, but CO2 is not the main composition of rocks. Here is a good site to give you a better heads up.

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