Takara Tomy unveils digital camera with built-in printer


Takara Tommy Corp on Thursday unveiled a new digital camera featuring a built-in printer. The Xiao TIP-521 prints out borderless images directly on special paper (880 yen for set of 10) in less than 60 seconds.

The camera has a 5-megapixel sensor, 2.48-inch monitor as well as a SDHC/SD memory card slot. English and Japanese menus are available, Takara Tomy said. The camera, which costs 34,800 yen, will go sale Nov 28.

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Nice idea, but looks like postage stamp size prints. Maybe it could spawn a new trend in art?

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I will be more interested in the Wall E!

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If the quality of the photos is there and the paper is not considered too expensive, this could be a hit product.

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Cool now I can take picture and... print tiny photos out... cool... if I was 8 again! Ill stick with my digital camera, photoshop cs2 and desktop printer.

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Looks like an average price of 100 Yen per picture. Approximately 4 times the price of your print shop in the neighborhood.

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pricy, I print all my photos for 7yen (8yen without discount) and some fools pay 25-30yen for a L size photo. God forbid the average Joe won't ever find this webpage Been using them for over a year and they rock. I'll tell you how and why they can print so cheap another day.

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