Tsubasa Nakamura, project leader of Cartivator, third from left, watches the flight of the test model of the flying car on a former school ground in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Saturday, as another member, fourth from left, operates the remote control. Photo: Koji Ueda/AP

'Flying car' makes test flight

By Yuri Kageyama

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A base in the ocean? Sounds like a Bond villain. Why would a nation with amazing trains and depopulation need a flying car? It's basically a helicopter. Can you imagine the additional licencing requirements! Oh man

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Having the freedom to fly would enlarge the possibilities for many Japanese to have residences on mountains - it could spark an economic boom....,

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Not wanting to be negative, but that demonstration seems to have gone off like a damp squib. It simply appears to be a large (apparently very unstable) home made drone. I see zero engineering innovation or where the car part comes in. When (not if) the first people carrying drones are produced there will be no need for a "flying car" as you won't need to drive anywhere unless is to the local combini which you wouldn't use a fly car for either.

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There already is a flying car, it's called a helicopter

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Flying cars for a future dystopia? Another technological advance for the terrorists' toolbox? Allah forbid!

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I am glad to see that some one is trying to invent a new way of getting around, but, they won't sell in the USA as some redneck will shoot at you saying "your looking at there daughter sunbathing"

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I appear to be the only one who doesn't want flying cars. People are already horrible at driving only horizontally, causing a lot of deaths every year..And you want everyone to become a pilot? Enjoy having a drunk driver crash into your 10th floor flat.

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A flying car is a type of personal air vehicle that provides door-to-door transportation by both road and air. The term "flying car" is often used to include roadable aircraft and hovercars.

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