Tech lifestyles enable 'safe escape' from coronavirus


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What if the Uber driver has the virus? The Gig economy is in trouble with this, as most of its workers do not qualify for sick pay and cannot afford to take time off work due to illness. This makes people who work in platform industries particularly vulnerable to a) contracting the virus, and b) spreading it widely. Wearing masks and washing hands won't help if your food preparer or delivery driver has unintentionally infected the food you are eating.

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A buddy setup a video conference solution on a $5/month VPS in about 10 minutes today. Voice chat, text chat, video and desktop sharing all provided ... for free. 100% F/LOSS.

I've had a similar capability working out of my home for a few years using the NextCloud Talk addon. That was a little more than 10 minutes to setup, maybe 20 min, but great for family needs.

Both of those are thanks to webrtc.

For home exercise, it just takes a little imagination. I'm goal oriented, so something as simple as maximum burpies in a 15 minute period for 1 month is a pretty easy goal. If you get bored easily, there are many sorts of body weight exercises w/ a wall and chair. Some free weights and a pull-up bar make for nearly limitless exercises.

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More ammo for the 'hikkikomori' types. There is no need to hunker down. I try to do things to protect against getting the virus but hiding out inside my home is not one of them. You are not automatically going to die a brutal death if you get the virus. Get a grip!

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I would never use Ubereats, or any of these new, similar services. It's usually impossible to get what you ordered, when you ordered it, or to where you wanted it. Refunds take ages, plus the "restaurants" being delivered from can be "official fakes" (small huts, officially pumping out facsimile food under the brands of official restaurants) or from dodgy restaurants that have failed state health and hygiene tests.

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Here in Japan, Delivery Service Personnel have already been reported as having the Virus - so if you're welcoming an Uber Eats or whatever Delivery, will simply a face mask protect you... what about the boxes you're touching ? Good luck.

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Forget the expensive Tech bikes, etc... (Today's fad) simply Invest in some yoga mats and have the family join you in some daily stretching exercises... And add to that one or two 2L bottle(s) of water, and you can actually have a pretty good workout. If you have a 100 yen shop nearby, look for their stretching bands - they're not bad - hook one end around the foot and pull... quite effective depending on how you use it.

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