Tech stars quit Silicon Valley as politics, pandemic weigh


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Better yet renounce their citizenship

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The companies who love USA realize whom they are surrounded in the so called silicon valley.

They did not receive Chinese money,

They are true Patriotic companies

So they decided to keep away from the evil

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It's not just these tech giants. There are loads of lefties leaving California for places like Arizona, Texas, Colorado and elsewhere. Problem is, their votes helped to make California the political basket case it is today, and they'll probably be voting the same way in their destination Red states, spreading a problem they helped to create. I just hope they see the error of their old ways.

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It's a free world, right. If they want to move, they move. What's the problem

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Let California's politicians boast "WE have the the largest economy in the world". Lets see how long that last. Too much government with liberal attitudes they taxing the people to no end.

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HPE aside (re-spun Compaq returning to Houston), this is a list of billionaires who are either prominent Republicans (e.g. Ellison, Thiel) or have a combative relationship with California's government (Musk). And even then it's only a matter of changing post office boxes. They're not actually moving their workforces.

And ironically, unless your company is ExxonMobil, Texas isn't as corporate-friendly as most people imagine...

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What do they all have in common?

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So lots of tech worker (mostly vote left) coming to Texas. Can we say bye bye to Red Texas? Hello Blue Texas?

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Could this be the end of TrumpVille Texas? Tech worker generally have higher IQs (and generally vote Democrat) while Trump people generally have lower IQs. This could make Texas redder and smarter. If I were a Trump Texan I would not want all these smart tech people in my state. If I were a Trump Texan I would be so made about this that I would move to Mississippi or Alabama.

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And ironically, unless your company is ExxonMobil, Texas isn't as corporate-friendly as most people imagine...

In some alternate reality, In this reality Texas is very corporate-friendly, not to mention the low cost of living among others.

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My daughter moved to England. My younger son moved north of Seattle. My older son is moving to Florida. I'm moving up to Washington State because California has become incredibly complicated and there's no way you can live here and pay an employee at starbucks $15 an hour and expect them to be able to live in this area unless they live in a ghetto. It's totally out-of-control. I would move to Austin Texas or Seattle in a heartbeat. My rent in a 1 bedroom apartment is almost a home mortgage in another state. No way jose.

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The thing about California is, even if it were the most expensive state, people would still want to live there for the weather.

I've considered it, even though I really don't have any interest in living in America again.

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