Tech tie-up to launch phone system rival to iOS, Android


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Tizen is 2 years old! But is more "open" since the Linux Foundation is directly involved.

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Hello!? Android is open-sourced:

Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel.... Android is open source and Google releases the source code under the Apache License

Here is the code

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gogogo, Yeah, no kidding! Who wrote that tripe?

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@gogogo Yes android is open source. But I think there must be many limitations in android's license that might stop you from making changes in the core parts of the OS for commercial use.

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All the losers circle their wagons. This is DOA.

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An iOS competitor I could understand, but this sounds like another Android to me. These businesses want to take away some business from Google I guess, but they'll need to take care not to shoot themselves in the foot.

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This will fail miserably. It's a two-horse race - iOS or Android. This will never change.

Apple's App Store made $10bn in sales for FY2013. Carriers like NTT Docomo, Vodafone & Verizon are trying to claw on to the glory days and cram as much of their proprietary spamware into their devices as possible. I own both iOS and Android devices and the amount of BS that comes preloaded on a carrier Android phone is ridiculous - and you can't even delete it without rooting the device!

RIM failed because their platform lacked apps, and the same happened to Windows Phone. Only recently has Windows Phone started to take back a slither of market share - but even this has taken them 4+ years. Tizen's app offerings won't come overnight - and developers will be reluctant to code for yet another niche platform.

No one wants your "d store" or "d books" Docomo! Carriers are rapidly becoming "dumb pipes" and there's no stopping it. I will give them their due, Docomo are trying to keep their head above water in this regard but it's a fight they simply can't win. Softbank realised this years ago, which is why they've steered away from the services business and focused on M & A (E-Mobile (which they totally ruined), soon-to-be acquired Sprint-Nextel etc.).

This is what happens when old farts are at the top...

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"and developers will be reluctant to code for yet another niche platform"

I think the app framework for Tizen is html5-based, which may be an attraction to some developers. I've also read that Tizen will also run native Android apps, so that might ease the path for Android users considering a switch. I wish them well. Choice is usually a good thing. But I share your fear that devices will still come crammed with bloatware that will be hard to remove. And why no mention of Firefox OS in the article?

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And why no mention of Firefox OS in the article?

It's there:

"Phones using operating systems based on the open-source platforms Linux and Mozilla's Firefox will be hitting the market this year, most likely in emerging markets."

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Oh how I love like everything is out there for years (in the western world) and when Japan announces those new inventions years later, it sounds like it has been growing on Japanese soil ;)

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Here's a good rundown of the difference between Android and Tizen.

Things like 'pinch to zoom', home buttons, swipes, and multi-touch, are all Apple patented gestures that Samsung lost in the patent court battle in California. I don't think Apple will just stand by and let another android type O/S exist, without another round of court battles in the US.

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More competition! That's a good thing for us consumers.

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I think the app framework for Tizen is html5-based, which may be an attraction to some developers.

That would be attractive. Android requires Java development, and OSX requires Objective-C, both of which are fairly difficult programming languages, and therefore have a limited number of developers. There are a lot more HTML5 developers out there, as it is much easier to pick up.

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