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TED: Smart machines to recover lost memories, mind your children


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No one knows what the future will bring. AI may, alternatively, result in mass layoffs and overwhelming homelessness, all in the name of putting more money into the pockets of the Donald Trumps of the world.

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Gloomy stuff indeed.

Making coffee is one of the few pleasures in the day. Save electricity and grow some arm muscles by using a hand-winding coffee mill. No robot will take this away from me.

Robots will be created. It is inevitable. The very idea of what they are and what they can do is driving mankind inexorably to create them. They are already in control.

And get someone to proof-read the article.

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... "a future in which artificial intelligence remembers everyone met during a lifetime and details of everything someone read, heard, said or did."

Rather like a blog or diary then?

Well I prefer not being able to recall every embarrassing moment, nor having to waste my time telling an AI assistant what to forget.

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