Telepresence robots let employees 'beam' into work


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The mind boggles. Would a telepresence robot accompany you to the rest room, so as not to interrupt a conversation? A whole new field of etiquette to devise here.

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Boss is constantly watching you and nagging ? want to lose him ? just go up a flight of stairs.

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But those technologies are no substitute for actually being in the office, where casual face-to-face conversations allow for easy collaboration and camaraderie.

... actually I found "casual face-to-face conversations" were a MAJOR waste of time when I was working in an office. They tended to just encourage organisational politics, gossiping and backstabbing. I'd much rather work in an office that had a firm policy of, "if it's not about business then DON'T BUG ME! You may not be busy, but I am!".

Work is not a social club, it's somewhere I go to get stuff done. I find that inevitably the ones pushing for more "camaraderie" and "collaboration" are the people in the office who are either dodging work, or have too little to do and want an excuse to be busybodies and interfere in other people's work and then claim credit for "collaborating" on the project... despite their only input having been to waste my time.

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A photo perhaps? or a link to a video? Would make these stories much more appealing to readers.

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Frungy, this is obviously a solution for people who DO need to collaborate at work. If your work didn't need that, then of course it would be a waste of time.

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It all depends on what line of work you are in. Many lines of work (R&D, Engineering, Software Development) need a huge amount of autonomy and time alone, and can be well-suited to people working remotely, with heavy travel schedules (or from home, if you have the right motivated employees), or different locations working together. But face-to-face conversations can be invaluable if used judiciously.

Also, remote employees often suffer from an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude where it's hard to be recognized and advance at the company if others in the office don't see you often enough, regardless of how good your work is.

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I will resist the temptation to put the word 'Scotty' in my reply...oh, oops.

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Great for that interview with the tax auditors.

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Wake me up when they get a transporter working that doesn't scramble your atoms together with fly atoms.

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flammenwerfer> A photo perhaps? or a link to a video?

One of many if you google on telepreasence robots

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I like the work while you're at home idea. Although we always need human interaction though... unless one is married/has kids/ or tons of friends in the area. Working at home solves such national issues like transportation and traffic problems, road work and a nice chunk out of air pollution. Not to mention the lack of having to purchase fuel to drive back and forth every single day....

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At $16,000 each, the Beam isn’t cheap. But Suitable Technologies says it was designed with features that make “pilots” and “locals” feel the remote worker is physically in the room: powerful speakers, highly sensitive microphones and robust wireless connectivity

As long as my wife does not get one for me, this is great.

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