Testing of software adds to urgency in race for driverless cars


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I hope that all schemes for making driverless cars fail miserably. You see, there are those of us out here who have a deep love for cars and trucks, and enjoy building our own. We also have a passion and a love for driving. All these schemes for driverless cars want to take away the joy and pleasure and fun of driving. I hope I die before that day ever comes. In the meantime, I'll keep driving my cool little 65 Ford Econoline van and truly enjoying the road.

And by the way, those of us who truly love driving and custom car culture, we tend to drive far more safely than others. When you've put blood, sweat and tears and $60,000 plus in your vehicle, you drive with caution in mind.

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I hate the very idea of driverless cars, before all of the unsolvable attendant problems.

Now they are worried that if something goes wrong, the sleeping/relaxing/working driver might have to leap instantly to the controls!!!

10 times the software of a fighter jet? Pushing us into complex ethical dilemmas. An insane race to a goal that few people really need or want?

What kind of nonsense is this?

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i fear the future: where dinosuars like us will have to turn on flashing lights, and sensors warning others if we are driving - staying in certain lanes where we are controlled at safe speeds below 30mph.

while numbnuts who cannot be bothered and want to watch the latest youtube highlights zip by unable to stop when the software hiccups

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You can complain and b & m all you like. Driverless cars will be the norm in the future, whether 2020, 2025 or whenever.

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Volkswagen Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn ...: “We are currently testing at our research facilities, some of them in the United States. The question is: do we only test these cars on public roads in the United States or can we also do it in Germany. Not enough has been done.”

Gee, thanks, Mr. Winterkorn.

(signed) Citizen-GuineaPigs of the USA

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Auto-driving cars have driven over 700,000 miles without an event.

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Driverless cars are the future, like it or not!

Dinosaurs will want things not to evolve, ever.

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Half the drivers should not be on the road. Looking forward to them being replaced and our shared spaces becoming less anti social and less collisions and deaths every day. Should lower our insurance costs and free up our hospitals. Unfortunately most drivers (not a minority) have set a very low bar to beat.

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almxxx: Auto-driving cars have driven over 700,000 miles without an event.

That's all? About the expected lifetime travel for four private-owner vehicles or so? Or six times the yearly 120K-mile travel of a long-haul trucker? Is that the sum total for all auto-driving cars? It doesn't seem much to brag about.

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They wont work as Satellite based guidance is not accurate enough Tried years ago on my Hilux With added distance and speed sensors also radar front and rear to prevent collisions.

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