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The new consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony


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i must say Xbox360 ruined video games, i'm glad i still have a PS2 and PS3 is great condition, cause steaming older games doesn't appeal to me, sorry sony shouldn't have copied microsoft! hope you don't go down with that sinking ship D: Microsoft's days are numbered lol

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Nintendo was never about graphics. I am a loyal fan of nintendo from Miyamoto's first party games. Xbox 360 ruined video games? Can't the japanese ever claim responsibility?

Have you played the latest Tales of Xillia, Vesperia? All of them were riddled with dlc. That was Namco's fault. Not microsoft's.

Capcom's practice of releasing the same game over and over again with minimal upgrades is also disgusting. What japanese game compares with Elder Scrolls Skyrim? Fallout 3? GTA 4 and soon to be 5?

Western games have been skyrocketing in quality. There are very few japanese devs that are worthy of being called a game developer.

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