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Thin skin: Japanese firm develops ultra-fine spray-on face mask


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Pretty incredible. Sounds so futuristic. Great work to the scientists behind all this.

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In the future, Uchiyama said it could be used to cover scars or to create an invisible medical patch.

Does this mean it can be used for burn victims or cancer patients needing skin grafts, or would such procedures still be needed. It says 'patch' not replacement. Sometimes a patch can be permanent, as in a clothes patch, a rubber inner tube tire patch, a software patch, etc. What does it mean in this case?

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What happens to the fibres you inhale while sprays this cosmetic mask on your face?

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Can it also be used as a sunscreen? A sunscreen that does not come off in the water could be very useful.

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Is it biodegradable?

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What happens to the fibres you inhale while sprays this cosmetic mask on your face?

My guess is that it’s a binary compound and A only forms into artificial skin when combined with B. So unless you coat your nasal linings and windpipe with B, you should be fine, as the article suggests.

After applying an absorbent lotion, users spray the fibers onto their face and a thin translucent sheet is quickly formed, acting as a "greenhouse" for the real skin below to soak up the moisture and still be able to breathe.

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A gadget for cosmetic use, but the medical side sounds promising.

What happens to the fibres you inhale while sprays this cosmetic mask on your face?

You avoid inhaling like any spray. My understanding is it's a "cream" when that gets out, pushed by inert gas, similar to spray sunscreen. No big risk to inhale unless you put directly the spray inside your nose/mouth. If you get a small amount of stuff on your teeth and in nose 'inside skin, it dries in one minute, so you peel it off.

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Just watch, this is gonna be in the next Mission Impossible - the new spray-on face-mask

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CFC Free spray ?

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was wondering what kind of fibers they use... something benign like asbestos? ;)

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Maybe this could replace those dreary white face doilies?

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