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TikTok adds authenticity feature that mirrors BeReal


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This seems like a huge security risk, posting a picture taken in a relative rush so things may appear in the background and be exposed unwillingly, a phone number, credit card number or other personal information, maybe the name of a bus station or recognizable building close to the person house.

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BeReal's feature was bound to be copied soon. Not surprised Tik Tok copied it...

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The irony of using social media to "be real".

Won't be long before people's narcissist nature get's the better of them. They'll make sure they are in a particular place for that real "moment"; they'll also apply filters and all kinds of other things, like blurring stuff or putting rabbit ears onto their heads (in Japan, especially).

And BeReal will keep adding "features" so eventually it will be like any other social media platform.

And TikTok is just the fastest to move on this. Expect FB, Twitter to follow suit with similar features. Even Metaverse will probably introduce a 2 minute moment of realisim when you actually show your real self and surroundings without the avatar.

This will be the new real.

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