TikTok sends influencers to Washington as its troubles grow


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Keep posting on CommieKon, they'll know your entire life. Look what they did to Hong Kong.

Some people never learn.

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"" At the heart of TikTok’s trouble is a Chinese national intelligence law that would compel Chinese companies to fork over data to the government for whatever purposes it deems to involve national security. There's also concern Beijing might try to push pro-China narratives or misinformation through the platform""

SHUT IT DOWN, No one can Guarantee that it wont happen and therefore it should be shutdown, it is no different than when China banned or limited access to Instagram, Bing, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more for concerns for it's National Security. Fair Play

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It's “emphatically untrue” that TikTok sends data on its American users to Beijing, he said.

Probably because the people in China access the data while it's still stored overseas, meaning that his statement would be de jure true (so he can't be caught for perjury), but de facto false (as he is, to all intents and purposes, lying). As per TikTok's own words, "everything is seen in China":

A similar trick was tried when the NSA testified about spying on Americans. The conversation went something like this:

Q: Did you spy on Americans?

A: We were not authorized to spy on Americans.

This is deliberately misleading semantics and will not work with people attuned to it.

TikTok has never shared, or received a request to share, US user data with the Chinese government.

Maybe they haven't shared anything directly with the Chinese government, but HAVE with a third-party agent of the Chinese government - again, making his statement de jure true, but de facto false.

Nor would TikTok honour such a request

Are we honestly expected to believe that when the Chinese secret police show up and say to Chew Shou Zi and the TikTok board "give us this user data or we will disappear you," they will stick to their "principles" and push back, given that their providing of such data is mandated by Chinese "law"? This is what happens to execs who defy the Chinese government:

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If you can't take any official statement from China seriously, how can you bekieve a CEO whose' wealth is determined by CCP obedience?

Total ban. ASAP!

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