TikTok says it has over 1 billion users


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the relentless progress of culture and the social good.

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Never saw the appeal myself, if I do watch online video I tend towards something a bit more long-form; around 30+ minutes typically. I think I prefer more personality driven content, which is kind of hard to do in three minutes or less. I have a lot of friends who have picked it up recently though, there are some professors using it as an academic outreach to a younger generation that seems somewhat promising.

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TikTok says it has over 1 billion (monthly) users

When you get to use something for free then it means you are the product.

Tiktok views are being sold to advertisers.

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So what?

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Data is the oil of the 21st century. The algorithms can make us watch what they want to make us watch.

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Coincidentally, I subscribed it today. But I am unfamiliar to it.

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