TikTok videos get longer in challenge to YouTube


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The decline of the human attention span continues apace.

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TikTok on Monday began letting users upload videos as long as 10 minutes, ramping up the young platform's challenge to veteran titan YouTube.

what the hell are they talking about?? TicTok is like 10 years behind youtube. I've seen videos that are 8 hours long. The Stephen King miniseries The Stand is on Youtube and its over 8 hours long. 10 minutes?

Whoopti do Basil!

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Never understood what Tiktok brings you outside totally stupid content. And my nephew each time is convincing me of that when showing it.

Moreover it's Chinese. No thanks.

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Moreover it's Chinese. No thanks.


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The decline of the human attention span continues

you beat me to it.

TikTok videos get longer

& humans get dumber

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The attention span declines? Then the videos should be shorter, not longer.

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Dumb just made dumber last longer!! Tik Tok = NumbNots!!

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