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Time U.S. adults spend on TikTok closes in on Netflix: market tracker


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people - you only get one life !

whats the attraction of watching Neville & Nancy Nobody doing something that will be forgotten in 10 milliseconds

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The reason,I do not have Twitter or Tik Tok,if would probably start World War 3 ,LOL

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The real reason for the persecution of Tiktok is that it affects the economic interests of US politicians who are shareholders of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube...

But in their Impotence and despair, they use their usual rhetoric of a sore loser and as a good drama queen, US begins to scream:

"Ohhh noooo fascist Tiktok, fascist Xi Jinping, fascist China, buaaaahk!!!..


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Go Tiktok, Go China!!!....

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Go Tiktok, Go China!!!....

Go China banning Tiktok!!!

Did you know that Tiktok is banned in China?

Why is China banning Tiktok?

Why is China banning Tiktok even before the US does?

Obviously China thinks Tiktok is no good

If you want to "Go Tiktok!", then tell China to un-ban it, Lol

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