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Time will tell if Apple Watch catches on


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As a tech lover, I applaud Apple for this piece of technology, my biggest pet peeve, not only with the iwatch though is that the voice commands are in one language only. Sure you can change the setting, but for someone who uses English, Japanese and sometimes Dutch on a daily base it's close to useless. Has anyone found a way around this? Google plus has a bilingual setting, but even if I give a simple command like "navigate to Nagoya shiyakusho", it gives me some garbled information.

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I don't see a way to switch back and forth easily, but one thing I've noticed is that for people whose names I've registered in both Japanese and English, when I send them a message, it's in Japanese mode. If the name is registered in English only, it's in English mode. However, if you try "hey Siri, send a message to ___ ", even if their name is registered in Japanese, it goes into English mode.

This is something they definitely need to get worked out, but it's probably further down the list of priorities.

Overall I'm happy with my Apple Watch, but it's not a necessity by any means. I don't wear it every day, and when I don't wear it, I don't feel naked like I do if I forget my phone.

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Thanks Strangerland.

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Dictation works well by changing the keyboard settings.

No keyboard on apple watches. It's all dictation. Thus the issue DutchDuck brought up.

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I only want a few simple apps and heart bet monitor. So iWatch is too expensive for my needs. I can wait a few years for things to improve.

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good headline. still very ordinary product.

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These are toys and big boys don't play with toys. Stop playing around with BS devices and get off your personal and business pedestal lives and pay attention to the world around you and all that crap that you buy to impress yourself and your friends and make more useful contributions to the world that looking inside the box and not outside the box.

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I received my watch from my son for my birthday and love,love it. I don't have to remember to turn off my telephone in meetings because if the telephone rings I just cover my watch with my hand and it stops. I don't have to dig around in my bag looking for my telephone when it rings. As I can just talk into the watch....I feel like Dick Tracy talking into my watch.???? It might be too easy a gadget for you males but for us older women it is the perfect accessory.

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I finally gave in and bought the watch, and for me I think it's great. Definitely not a 'need', and I would most certainly like it more if it were cheaper, but so far I'm quite happy with it and use most of it's functions (can use pay yet). I agree as well with the problems mentioned in the article, for the most part. Sometimes if I'm carrying something and want to see the time the watch doesn't display it even though the watch face is facing me, and I have to push the button, which defeats the purpose of having a wristwatch. I love the health apps and how you can 'hand off' to your phone for most apps if the phone is better suited for the apps (but also that you don't need to for many). I don't care too much if the 'killer apps' are there or improved or not, but I'm sure that'll change if they come and I start using them. I doubted the battery life at first, but have had no problems with it at all. Longer life would be better, of course.

Anyway, my friend showed me his Pebble in detail for a while before I decided on buying, and the Apple Watch is DEFINITELY a massive step up, but if you don't really think you want it, it's not all that necessary for the price. For me, it's been great, and I hope they don't forget us pioneers when they make the upgrades!

I also agree with DutchDuck and Strangerland that it's a major pain that Siri and voice recognition functions usually don't recognize languages other than that you are using the OS in. It makes maps practically useless, and looking things up a pain (even names, unless you want to program the pronunciation in).

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I am an Apple addict, but the Apple Watch: No, thank you!

Does not give you any added functionality vs. the iPhone you need to carry with and it needs to be reloaded every night and last but not least: UGLY!

I will definitely keep my mechanical wristwatch!

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I have the Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel - Black Leather Band - Classic Bucke and I wear it all day and I really like it.

It fits real nice on my wrist and it has a Premium Look and it feels like I am wearing an expensive watch because the Stainless Steel has some weight to it but it doesn't feel heavy or clunky.

When screen is off - the watch appears more like the Men's Carteir Tank watch.

The user interface isn't hard to figure out and the APPS bubble in out and that's really cute and fun to use.

Making a phone call on it is interesting, but dictation on the Text APP sometimes doesn't work but Ian sure there's a bug fix coming in on OS2.

I use the Workout App to do workouts and the Apple Watch has really motivated me to says in shape.

I am excited for Warch OS2 BUT Apple needs to add Tokyo to the Time-Lapse - they completely forgot about Tokyo!!!

Come On Apple! Tokyo is the most Awesome City in The World yet you casually forgot to add Tokyo as a Time-Lapse Watch Face?

Funny how Shanghai and Hong Kong made the Time-Lapse Watch Face but not Tokyo?

Guess I'll have to keep my "Solar" Watch Face or customize my own Tokyo Warch Face for when Apple releases Watch OS2.

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