To use rather than collect, the second coming of NFTs

By Thomas URBAIN

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I still see no use, sorry.

I have been using VR with oculus Quest 2 and there is no sign of NFT.

No sign in games or any app on my android phone.

Where are they hiding ?

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It’s a receipt. It’s a digital receipt. To show you paid for something and now own it. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I do see one possible good use. If every adult site was forced to use them, then it might be possible for people who made say an adult movie with their partner, this could be used to track that video and possibly take them down as the iPhone/android accounts could give everyone a personal NFT. Just one idea for its use. Photographers could attach and NFT ( digital receipt/I’d) and get paid for their work.

buying a selling a digital game, or an in game object, could also be bought and sold easily as the digital receipt would be transferred to the the purchase If the so called RARE skin is rare then it could become valuable. Although I think they use word like rare just to hype stuff, and get kids to pump more money into that game.

it, in itself,is not an asset.

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