Tokyo Electric, Mitsui to build solar power system at Haneda


Tokyo Electric Power Co and trader Mitsui & Co have set up a joint company to build a solar power generation system at Tokyo International Airport at Haneda. The new firm, Haneda Solar Power Co, is capitalized at 5 million yen, of which 51% was put up by Tokyo Electric Power and 49% by Mitsui.

Haneda Solar Power will set up the solar power generation system on the rooftop of a new international cargo terminal at the airport, and start providing electricity in line with the terminal's planned operational launch in October 2010.

The facility will have an output capacity of 2,000 kilowatts, or about 10% of the terminal's projected annual electricity consumption. It will help reduce the terminal's carbon dioxide emissions.


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Do I misunderstand here something? How can a company with only 5 million yen capital, an amount you can't even buy a decent car with these days, build a plant with a 2k watt capacity???

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That must be a typo.

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each solar panel is about 200W and $1000 = $10,000+ in panels, inverter for AC, batteries. Installation.

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Based on my recent past experience $5000 will get you four 80W PV panels, four batteries and charger. The system will politely operate three 20 Watt compact fluorescent lamps and not much else.

There must be a typo here if they are expecting 2 megawatts out of this thing. (2,000 x 1,000)

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Misunderstanding. The 5 million yen is for register the company.

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