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Tokyo gov't to trial 5G antenna-equipped smart poles with Sumitomo Corp and NEC


Sumitomo Corp and NEC Corp have concluded an agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the preliminary/trial installation and verification of smart poles in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo by the end of June.

In its "TOKYO Data Highway Basic Strategy" formulated in August 2019, the Tokyo government calls for constructing an ultra-high-speed mobile internet network. As part of that effort, the government is looking to install smart poles at an early date in the Nishi-Shinjuku area, a priority improvement zone. Smart poles are multi-functional poles equipped with communication base stations, Wi-Fi, street lighting, signage, etc, and they are expected to serve as infrastructure useful for the provision of new community services.

Sumitomo and NEC will be installing two types of smart poles to verify their utility under both ordinary and emergency circumstances. More specifically, the two companies plan to install two models of NEC's Smart Street Lighting equipped with functions such as digital signage and pedestrian traffic flow analysis cameras; one model will be outfitted with a 5G shared antenna system for joint use by multiple telecommunications carriers, while the other, a site-sharing model, will be equipped with 5G base stations for multiple telecommunications carriers.

With the aim of bringing 5G shared antenna systems into full-scale use by March 2021, efforts will be made to extend these systems across the entire metropolis and to help develop services for Tokyo residents/visitors through the construction of efficient infrastructure by accumulating knowledge on the installation and operation of smart poles.

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pedestrian traffic flow analysis cameras

I was wondering what the main purpose of these street level 5g poles was...and then I found the answer - surveillance.

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None of the iPhones are capable of 5G! Love iOS but it’s not worth spending 100,000yen plus on it now that 5G is around the corner.

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Its up and running on all 3 main carriers in some areas...Next iPhone will be compatible. There are a few phones available right now - but coverage, unless you are close to a local mast is patchy. So - give it a year (like we did with 4G/LTE) and will be the right timing.

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preparing BIG brother... put your 5G where I think!

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RFID blocking spray paint should do the trick. Thanks for the pic, JT.

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Tokyo-mMay 29 09:40 am JSTI'd rather they plant trees and put up benches in the streets of Tokyo. That would provide a much better connection (to nature, life, yourself, the community, and all that is really important).

Urbanization and nature can make a fine mix. Toronto was about to establish such scenarios and mini-gardens in new urban planning but it's been delayed due to the coronavirus and the fact they decided to do ALL the road construction in and around that wonderful city at once.

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Free Starbucks wifi works just fine, why setup a whole other network?

It's not like there's Starbucks every corner............. oh wait

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Check out the dangers of 5G!

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