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ZMP's box-shaped CarriRo Delivery robot Image: ZMP Inc

Tokyo company to start testing delivery service robot


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people could tip it over or rob it, I do not see this idea working. Even drones, on a windy day all service cancelled? not practical

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Half the time I order a pizza it's because I'm too lazy to change out of my pyjamas and go outside. If I have to go downstairs to collect my pizza from this robot, I might as well just walk another few minutes to the supermarket. Or is this robot going to be able to climb steps, ring my intercom to be buzzed in, and ride up the elevator? At 6kph am I going to have to order 2 hours in advance?

Customers won't accept this unless the price of food drops to compensate them for their newly required effort. In Western countries I can see the appeal if you no longer have to tip, but here in Japan that's not an issue.

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I normally pay COD for deliveries, will that still wrk?

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Why did I come into this thinking I was looking at a pencil sharpener on wheels?

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people could ... rob it

I don't worry about that in Japan.

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I'm sure they'll install cameras to prevent theft.

And then the government and the police will see what a great idea a roving, remote-control camera can be.

And then they'll be everywhere.

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If it runs into me does it say sorry?

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what if it tips over? can it pick itself back up? are they going to be on the side of the road like bicyclists narrowly avoiding being swiped by cars? This is not going to work

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What if it causes an accident traffic or otherwise, I could see a old granny not seeing this slow moving box and running right into it. This has not been thought out.

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6km/h? Skynet want to starve us to death. /sarcasm

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Without looking at the wheels, it looks like a toaster.

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Wall-E is getting closer.

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Starship Technologies https://www.starship.xyz/ have had their bot running around in parts of London for a year or more now.

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I can just imagine the Takubin guys having a bit of fun with these robots...

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