U.S. Supreme Court sides with Google in copyright fight with Oracle


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While I don't like either of those companies, this is a solid ruling that prevents complete upheaval for all software in the world today. That was obvious to programmers everywhere since it was first filed. It is actually scary how long this ruling took for something clearly obvious.

It is sorta like saying that only one company can use a steering wheel in any vehicle unless they pay whoever invented the steering wheel for 125 yrs. Software is covered by copyright law, usually.

Had Oracle won, basically all software since the 1950s would be in violation and owe API creators for back payments.

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Not surprising that the movie and record industry backed Oracle.

These guys have gotten out of hand going so far as copyrighting 3 cord arrangements played on guitar.

Seriously 3 cords not a melody just the order those 3 cords are played in.

They have bots listening for that then send the musicians playing it a lawyers threat to pay them or be sued.

The USA copyright system has gotten out of hand, I mean it actually gave someone the copyright to the Greek symbol for Pi (π) another did the same with the letter Omega ( Ω ). Even omega watches never tried that.

The world needs to stand up and start telling the USA to cool it and start using common sense.

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The Trump administration had also backed Oracle.

Trump backed Oracle only because Trump and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison are buddies

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Oracle is a has been.

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It's a very poor decision. I do not agree that Google's use of Java was "fair use". Firms will be reluctant to innovate if their patents are not going to be protected by the law.

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