Top U.S. general urges Google to work with military


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You don't like your technology being used by the military, so instead you go to China where they'll just steal your technology and use it for whatever they want. Sounds like a smart business move...

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This isn't a big deal. Google is just not working with the US War Department aka DOD. They are still working will all of the US cybersecurity, healthcare, etc.. I applaud Google on putting ethical values over money and large DOD contracts instead of selling their soul to the highest bidder. Google should not be in the business of warfare for any country period!

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Yeah, I’m sure China will only use their stolen technology for peace.

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Everyone has to make their own determination. Working on something you despise isn't good for your total happiness.

At a corporate level, I think google management is underestimating the harm that working with the Chinese govt will cause to Chinese citizens. Google will make spying on 2B people trivial for that govt.

DoD has thousands of non-killing/non-hurtful projects which would be less harmful than making a Chinese filtered and reporting engine.

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Google will make spying on 2B people trivial for that govt.

But as long as they aren't working with the US military, it seems to be ok... Analyzing photographs for the US military is bad, helping the Chinese government identify people that need to be re-educated is good. People have the weirdest ideals.

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