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Toshiba to build 2 nuclear plants in U.S.


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Why does Japan build nuclear plants in the US? I thought that the US has a much much better technology of nuclear power than Japan. Japan's nuclear power plants still have some problems about safety. Maybe boiling water reactor is cheap but a little unsafe, then the US would buy hundreds of nuclear plants in the future.

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Ktwatt: The problems with Japans nuclear power stations is the poor maintanance, not the actual structures.

All problems have been caused by human error so please try to get teh facts correct. The technology may be good, but Japan has terrible maintance record.

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They may be comparable enough that the price difference is worth it. Who knows.

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I have little knowledge about nuclear plants and it's interesting to know that the Japan's nuclear plants' problem is a poor maintenance not the technology. I feel the same way at another field I am currently in.

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Toshiba own BNF whis owns Westinghouse. Most of the design will be out of the office in Britian

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Westinghouse has a lot of experience building nuclear plants. This is actually surprising since there hasn't been a nuclear plant built in the US in 30 years. Not since the early 80s when Nuclear power got such a bad rap. Its a good sign that maybe we can start to move away finally from coal and oil energy production.

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It's amazing that some posters don't know squat about nuclear power. The fact is, that fewer accidents have occured involving nuclear plants and energy, than electricity, in the form of downed electric poles, fires due to frayed wires or faulty wiring, etc. All this bad rap given to nuclear power is all a "chicken little" syndrome.

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love to know the cost and what could be done with the same amount with renewable energy (solar & wind)

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More radioactive energy use going up in US like france via toshiba-westinghouse nuclear power.

Good news for power production capacity building, for expanding consumption via 2800 megawatts.

Nuclear energy is not perfect, so is crude oil energy, both have disadvantages ,which need better and safer solutions.

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Too bad it isn't 200 new plants. Nuclear is the only source of AFFORDABLE energy that will keep pace with the planets increasing demands for electricity.

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Japan has an exceptional maintenance record. Actually, one-time lousy work in a power plant will automatically given suspension or dismissal at work.

In the past, the two accidents related to the so-called poor maintenance was actually happened in a prototype nuclear reactor. A completely-new technology in nuclear power plant engineering. One of the accidents was the FUGEN Advanced Thermal Reactor (ATR) and and the MONJU Fast-Breed Reactor (FBR).

When in comes to Advance-Boiling Water Reactors (ABWR) which is the same type that will be used in San Antonio Texas, Toshiba is one of the world's best and one of the pioneer in this type of reactors. Toshiba made AWBR in Shika (1 unit), Hamaoka (1)and Kashiwaki-Kariwa (2 units).

For 2012 to 2018, Toshiba is scheduled to build nine (9) new AWBR power plants all over Japan, basically owned by Chugoku Electric, Tokyo Electric and Tohoku Electric, among others.

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