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Toshiba to tie up with Univ of Tokyo to nurture AI engineers


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How have Japanese engineers,contributed too the Internet,the Chinese tech have done even more, by hook or crook

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Taiwan is the leading country for medical AI.

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Japan needs to step up its AI game, lagging right now

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Good to see Toshiba firmly back in a good spirit and mindset.

Apart from that, it's also good to see that, albeit a bit late, that those Japanese tech titans are embracing digital tech more than ever.

As a huge fan and enthusiast of Japanese technology, I'm really looking forward to see Japan innovate and maybe even lead on this field as well. I mean, they're THE hardware-making leader. Time to tackle software too.

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I wonder if they will offer anything to foreigners who already have these skills rather than waiting until 2023 to develop their own. Also that will be crazy when they start offering brand new college grads 10 million yen. I am quite sure there will be a lot of upset middle managers who will be asking for pay raises.

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