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Toshiba unveils robot for helping in nuclear disasters

By Yuri Kageyama

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Japan needs to get serious about making fully functional, mass production robots and androids for future use. The AI is still being worked on as well as a more dynamic walking system so that Japan can have a good economic boost for the future.

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This is a good beginning ----- and a step ahead of other developed nations that also use nuclear energy ( and stand risks of nuclear disasters). . . . . . . . and this kind of cutting edge technology is ONE BIG reason japan will continue to hold its own.

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Hasnt it become a general rule of thumb to double whatever readings TEPCO publish? (Suppression chamber = 720 milliseverts)

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Can it make better decisions than a TEPCO President?

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The robot took a jerky misstep during a demonstration to reporters, freezing with one leg up in the air. It had to be lifted by several people and rebooted.

And if it ever falls, it will not be able to get up on its own.

Anyone who has seen the youtube videos of the Big Dog from Boston Dynamics will know that this robot from Toshiba is not even close to being state-of-the-art. It looks to be designed with one purpose in mind only: to milk the Japanese government/TEPCO for as much money as possible.

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Why don't the EPCOs just buy already-existing robots from the French? Wouldn't have to wait for development and probably much cheaper.

The Japanese expect the world to buy their tech products, but refuse to buy such products from their trading partners. No wonder Japan isn't very popular these days.

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Are they planning to have more?

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Okinawamike: "Can it make better decisions than a TEPCO President?"

Well, it probably can't run away from the plant as quickly.

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Nuclear disasters... Smith, quote: "Are they planning to have more?"

It looks as if the mathematics say that as the number of plants increases, even when off-set against rises in safety features, nuclear disasters will become more and more frequent. So they may not be planning to have more, but they certainly seem to be planning for more.

If there is a budding new industry, Japan will want to be at the forefront of it. The US looks to be counting on this too.

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Two years too late but better late than never. It will be very useful during the long decommission work. There are already other radiation-resistant robots developed in US, France and elsewhere. It would be wise for TEPCO to include material from various makers, because the failure rate seems quite high.

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semperfi -- as usual, a bunch on Polyannic nonsense. Right now there is only ONE country that needs this technology, and that is the country you feel compelled to defend at every turn. So unless the tax-payers there are willing to pay some ridiculous price for this error-prone contraption, there is no market for it. Especially since the other countries utilizing nuclear power are not likely to be stupid enough to follow Japan's lead down the nuclear-disaster road.

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This treadmill UFO version of ramjet engines, would work best as an MHD generator. Its efficiency apparently comes to 60% or more has no moving parts. At 1 m plasma jet should be good. The rest of you can generate in the traditional way, which would help stabilize the rotation ...





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Now, as Schwarzenegger is free from official duty, he can offer "I'll be back" as terminator.

Or sending someone in with green blood, like Mr. Spock.

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I commend Toshiba for trying but, it is just inevitable to judge this product against what are available from other countries. If I was the person in charge of the nuclear disaster recovery, I would just pat Toshiba in the back with a smile and a "nice start; keep working on the concept and let me know when you have a major breakthrough", then would promptly move to get something that is up for the task, if available.

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Anyone who has seen the youtube videos of the Big Dog from Boston Dynamics will know that this robot from Toshiba is not even close to being state-of-the-art.

The Big Dog is not hardened against radiation. The problem is that in a high radiation environment you cannot use the latest semiconductor devices. In terms of computing capabilities you should think about a level which we had about two decades ago in the PC area. That's quite a challenging limitation.

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And if it ever falls, it will not be able to get up on its own.

This troubles me

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@ Crate too true. I did see the Big Dog robot balancing AI and that is specifically the direction that is needed to be taken and advanced on in one of the fields of robotics. Japan seriously needs to work on the balancing act especially bipedal movement.

Another concern with robotics is trying to break that power source problem. Seems the only effective option so far is a small nuclear power supply unless something better can be found.

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Every journey begins with a single step. I can't wait to see what comes out in coming years and decades. Wonder when Japan will start making Gundams. lol

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