Toshiba's bulb-shaped fluorescent lamps shipments top 100 million


Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corp said that shipments of bulb-shaped fluorescent lamps in Japan topped 100 million units as of the end of June. The company, a subsidiary of major electronics maker Toshiba Corp, launched the lamps in 1980.

Bulb-shaped fluorescent lamps use less energy than conventional light bulbs. With the 100 million fluorescent lamps having replaced incandescent bulbs, carbon dioxide emissions are calculated to have been reduced by 9.3 million tons.

The Japanese government is set to ban incandescent bulbs by 2012 as part of its efforts to curb global warming, and Toshiba plans to end output of the bulbs in 2010.

The company sees demand for bulb-shaped fluorescent lights growing further, and expects domestic shipments in 2010 to more than double those of 2007 to reach 22 million units.


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I think all the energy savings and reduced gas is great. But how to dispose of the bulb after its burned out? Mercury is a bio hazard. Not something I would want to be thrown away in millions of units.

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rranta, the solution is there, just wait a few more years: OLED

as I've said on another thread: policy making and scientific breakthroughs

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Those light bulbs are the same hazardous level as standard fluorescent tube arounds since the begining of times (or so it seems). It's not a new threat it's just the only twist that people who are against CFL found because it remove them the freedom of beeing energy hogs and constant fire hazards...

You use CFL... OMG they be me'cury in it... Nothing to see here... move along...

Enjoy the wiki it's quite a good one.

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