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Toyota has big ambitions for 'partner robot' business


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There have been many stories about "robots" in science fiction, but it seems that fiction and reality have nada in common. The robot "industry" and the pc market are two different animals. When the PC market erupted in the nineties it filled a need that was dormant in society, but the robotic industry has yet to determine if it has a place at the table; at all. A robot that can help little old ladies across the street; would be nice if they were an army of cub scouts. The robots could help get cats out of trees, and aid you in tying your shoe laces. You could have a robot that would sound an alarm when it time for you to get out of bed. Oh. That's an alarm clock. It seems that there is no practical use for robots, outside the geriatric unit of your local nursing home, that is in the foreseeable future. Maybe we can get a robot to play with its self, that would be totally useful. I can not see any useful robots coming into being in the next fifty years; or more. Maybe I can turn my PC into a robot, and mass market builder kits like apple did in its early days.

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One research group has proposed using it for taking care of pets, such as jiggling a toy for a lonely cat, according to Toyota.

That was a bit of an anti-climatic last sentence. I bet even I could build a robot capable of "jiggling a toy for a lonely cat."

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