Toyota investing $400 million in flying car company


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The noise ?


It would be useful in island rooted zone or mountain, if the noise is tempered with. An actually, it would be more useful for an individual use.



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thousands of cars zipping around above our heads. what could go wrong?

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...would be powered by hydrogen fuel cells and include roads for autonomous vehicles as well as smart homes.

Those homes are not only smart, but agile too!

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Thousands of people are killed by cars every year on the roads in Japan. Now this carnage is coming to the air as well? Awful.

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Distracted drivers are dangerous enough on the roads in 2-dimensions; can you imagine Facebooking fools and Instagram idiots staring at their stupidphones while operating motor vehicles in 3-D?

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Joby already has a partnership with ride-sharing firm Uber to develop an "urban air taxi service".

and everybody though Uber was dead in Japan, taxi drivers will be sweating about now

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This article is misleading as they have invested in Air Taxi's. They are not cars and do not have the capacity to travel on roads as cars do. I whish they would get the terminology correct. Unless it flies AND drives on roads it is "NOT A FLYING CAR!"

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We have enough bad drivers on the road already. Now they want to expand that to the air? Insane.

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Do we all need to localised Pilots lessons now ?

Will English be the defcato language ?

Will this limit the height of new SkyScrapers?

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“For many of our challenges, we don’t need new technologies or new ideas; we need the will, foresight and courage to use the best of the old ideas”

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That why they have helicopter, water of money on R and D

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They're called aircraft. They've been around since the Wright brothers first flew one 115 years ago.

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