Toyota says new technology means longer battery life


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I remember the irst electric vehicle ads. The car was always hard to spot. But the rest of the imagery was just brilliant. Truly collectible ads.

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If you run out of gas/petrol, then you can hitch a ride to a filling station and get a can to take back to the car. With an electric car, you'd need to have a spare battery in the boot/trunk for those awkward moments. Another 10 or 15% on the cruise range would certainly help the electric vehicle market.

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For various reasons, I don't see a huge future in electric vehicles. By far the biggest reason is that eventually you need bigger batteries to push around your bigger batteries. Trends toward lighter and more efficient vehicles are the real future for humanity, not kluged hunks of minerals. And those batteries take a loooooong time to charge.

Having said that, EVs are great for urban use because they move at slower speeds and do not require huge batteries for long distances. This URGE that people have to use batteries to make high performance toys is not GREEN. It is play.

So I think Toyota should concentrate on what it does best. It should license away the battery technology and make a bunch of money from other companies. And it should stick to making cars like the Prius profitably. The Prius and other hybrids might not be as "pure" as EVs in some people's eyes, but they have saved more gasoline over a longer period of time than any EV. They are robust, cheap, profitable. They are not toys.

By the way, Toyota has already announced three improvements that I know of that are designed to improve Prius gas mileage by about 8% each, so we can look forward to getting 70 mpg in a couple of years. That is Chicago to LA on a tank of gas. With no stop to recharge.

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I'd like to see what this means for regular car batteries development :) ..Here in Finland, the batteries are in quite cold conditions and we demand high quality, long lasting and battery capable to survive in temperatures in range +30 -- -30 at least ...

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EVs are great for urban use because they move at slower speeds

Haven't heard of Ludicrous Mode, then

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a lot of company inform that they are promoting much more battery life for smartphone but still have anything at the moment bất động sản vĩnh phúc

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"Haven't heard of Ludicrous Mode, then"

100% sure I know more about it than you do. And it shows me, when you bring it up, that you don't really understand how ludicrous it is. Go back to where I talk about batteries needing bigger batteries for bigger batteries.

Tesla has done exactly that. Just to give people a rollercoaster ride in ludicrous mode, they have had to increase the capacity on their vehicles up to 85 kWh or more. Do you know what F=ma means? Any idea? Did you study that?

Well where is that FORCE going to come from when you move the MASS of a big battery at high ACCELERATION of ludicrous mode? A bigger battery. But the bigger battery means more MASS that must be ACCELERATED, and since acceleration is a squared term with velocity, you are using huge amounts of energy to accelerate in ludicrous mode.

But it is fun, right? Well, the 85 kWh battery I mentioned above would give you enough materials for about 15 Priuses or about 3 Leafs. So please tell me, Mr. Mr... um.... sensenotcommon... why are people spending such great amounts of money on poorly engineered toys that Tesla cannot produce profitably? I mean. Go play if that is what you want to do, but for serious drivers looking for efficient green transportation, slow urban speeds are what they want. And they are willing to pay for that.

Toyota is presenting here something totally diffferent from Tesla. It is promising people better performance at an affordable price through incremental innovation. Ludicrous mode offered by that other company is just more consumer waste. Do the physics. Do the math. Run the finances. Then tell me about ludicrous mode.

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