Toyota to start sale of fuel cell system to outside companies in spring


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My No.1 choice of vehicle (if there is a next one in the pipeline) will be a hydrogen fuel cell car/automobile. The Mirai is top of the list. An EV would come next.

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Go Toyota and Honda!

I hope the fuel cell technology catches on soon.

The fuel grid can be updated to accommodate hydrogen, vehicle fill ups remain quick, & current gasoline cars can be converted to hydrogen.

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I hope it works!

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Good for Toyota!

Not to mention the “hidden” environmental costs of battery production, the child Labour in producing the chemicals in some countries the limited life span and replacement/disposal costs with the highly toxic batteries.

Hydrogen needs to be sustainably produced but that is both achievable and economically beneficial with the roll out of renewable energy production. The infrastructure will need upgrading to cope but that is an ongoing requirement anyway.

The storage issue should be solved fairly soon, there are a number of firms around the world researching storage in solid form some are already being trialed in the real world (H2Go Power is one I am personally aware of but there are lots of others).

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For producing hydrogen, and for long-life storage, Edison's NiFe battery could link in here.

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Funny all we need are hydrogen stations and Toyota to see that or maybe on purpose they are still wishing governments or somebody else will build it for them. You know what, this is why Tesla succeed, they kept building charger stations from the beginning to end even risked dying.

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