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Toyota to take part in making wind-power hydrogen for fuel cells


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Fuel cells are zero-emission

Not exactly. They emit water. I'd be interested to know if there are any anticipated problems on busy roads, especially in cold climates. Will it cause fog?

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Such vehicles are still too expensive for regular consumers and are mostly leased to ministries and companies.

There is no reason why those cars are more expensive, there is nothing specially high cost in the manufacturing.

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Except for the fact that they have to develop new manufacturing lines as well as recoup development cost and other investments. Yeah, it should not cost as much after the early adopters had bought the cars and the mass starts buying but that is still 5 years ahead at earliest.

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It would be difficult to get "stable" supply of hydrogen from wind-power generation, since the generation itself is unstable.

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It would be difficult to get "stable" supply of hydrogen from wind-power generation

While we can't know whether a wind turbine will produce electricity at any point of time, over longer periods such as a month, it should be possible to make fairly good estimates. Hydrogen production is one form of energy storage that might be a more stable use of wind turbines than erratically powering the grid. But I imagine there are still a lot of problems to iron out and calculations to do.

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They should hook up solar panels into the system as well.

This is how a hydrogen economy is going to get moving.

Once Japan wean from internal combustion engine the government can concentrate on electricity generation while achieving promise to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

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