Traditional computer sales eroded by love of tablets


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First a push for bigger and bigger monitors, now a trend to smaller and smaller.

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I don't know why everyone loves tablets. I can't function without a keyboard and a mouse. Tapping on a touchscreen the entire day for 8+ hours to do work, would just drive me nuts

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I kind of agree with "fupayme", for a primary device a computer is the way to go, but for traveling and doing things when I don't feel like firing up the computer, a tablet is very convenient.

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I use a Windows 8 Enterprise tablet. Best of both worlds. Load up all my normal Windows programs, so I can do all my work. At home, I dock it and it connects up to my keyboard and mouse. Undock it, when I'm on the go. Use the touchscreen for everything, unless I really need to sit down and start typing. That's when I just pull out my bluetooth keyboard and type away.

I had an Acer A500 Android tablet before, it was simply way too limited to be used as anything more than just a websurfing device and toy. I'd imagine the iPad would be the same. You're just with, what I liked to call, half-apps from their respective stores. They're built so you can have basic functionality, but not built big enough to really get any work done.

My tablet is an Acer W700, but I upgraded to a larger SSD and reloaded it with Windows 8 Enterprise. Windows 8 Home is just crap. I'm in IT and I need the Enterprise features, for some of the testbedding I do.

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I bought an Asus ultrabook, incredibly thin and light and as easily portable as a 10inch tablet and so much more useful.

but for traveling and doing things when I don't feel like firing up the computer,

that`s just it, I use it daily while travelling and it "fires up" in 2 seconds, as fast or faster than a tablet. My tablet is gathering dust theses days.

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